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Written by Suzy Davies AM/AC   
Tuesday, 02 October 2012 00:00

REGIONAL AM Suzy Davies is backing a petition on Facebook set up by a Broadlands resident to fight proposed cuts in services at the Princess of Wales Hospital.

Ian Spiller was so incensed when he read in last week’s Gazette about the possible downgrading of services at the hospital that he decided to take action.

He said: “I saw that one of the changes could be the removal of an obstetric-led maternity unit which would be replaced with a midwife led one. Also, the neo-natal unit and the children’s ward would close to be replaced by a paediatric assessment unit but any children needing admission would then have to be taken elsewhere – possibly to Cardiff or Swansea.

“My eldest daughter was born with three small holes in her heart although it was a completely normal pregnancy. Thankfully, the hospital had a paediatric and neo natal unit on site so we did not have to go through the trauma and stress of seeing her whisked miles away.

“Transferring sick babies between hospitals is playing with peoples’ lives. The same is true if they downgrade A and E into a minor injuries unit. Every second counts when people are seriously ill.

“This is simply not good enough for a growing town like Bridgend. The population is increasing thanks to the development of places like Brackla, Broadlands and now Parc Derwen. To cut services here is lunacy. We should be increasing them to match the growing population.”

Mr Spiller has had 700 “likes” on his Facebook page in 24 hours and he has now applied to have a petition put on the Welsh Government website which should be up and running this week.

“I would urge everyone who feels strongly to sign the petition. That’s the only way we can put pressure on the politicians in Cardiff who will be making these decisions – especially Health Minister Lesley Griffiths and Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones. We must show them how strongly people feel about retaining these services.”

Welsh Conservative Regional AM Suzy Davies is backing the petition.

“Research has been done that shows for every mile of distance patients have to travel to get treatment, their risk of death or permanent damage increases significantly,” she said. “Although no decision has been taken about the future of the Princess of Wales, unless it is designated a regional centre it will lose its key emergency, paediatric and obstetric services and there is no doubt that lives will be put at risk.

“If Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr were to be designated as the regional centre instead of POW, and that is one of the options being considered,  would patients suffering a heart attack be taken there? If so, they could be dead in the back of the ambulance before they even arrived.

“There have been rumours about Princess of Wales hospital for months and I have challenged the health board about its future but was told that nothing had been decided. Well, let’s help them make up their minds by showing them that the people of Bridgend are not prepared to see their main hospital downgraded in this way.” 


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